Brush Country Division

818 Washington Drive, Alice, Texas 78332 | 832-689-2211


Marc Dupre

Division Manager


Office: 832-689-2211

Direct: 832-689-2211

Marc Dupre, who is a 4th generation rancher and a 3rd generation Texas ranch real estate broker, said the Brush Country Division is in an ideal location for rural real estate sales. “We have a unique market in our own backyard, with world class whitetail deer and the home of the world know “Muy Grande” hunting contest. With our office being located in the deep in the hub of South Texas in Alice between the Gulf of Mexico and Mexico, we can tap into the big deer and exotic game market found in Duval, Jim Wells, Jim Hogg, and Webb Counties, and we have connections to ranches and farms in South Texas with our real estate clientele going as far back as 1945.

The opportunities are immense, and we are excited about creating value for our clients via the pairing of years of regional expertise with the state and national branding power of Mossy Oak Properties of Texas!”