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Our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Our three pronged program – brand, network, and services gives our land specialists more tools tailored to the land business than any other company. Top it all off with exceptional support from the headquarters office and a company culture that aligns perfectly with the land business, and you truly have a perfect fit for the right individual.

With the Mossy Oak Brand generating in excess of 2 billion impressions annually, it is consistently the world’s most recognized and trusted outdoor brand. Those factors permeate down into Mossy Oak Properties of Texas and present you with opportunities to connect with land buyers and sellers that you simply would not have as an independent broker.

Mossy Oak Properties of Texas employs a multi-faceted marketing approach that includes our extensive web presence, advertising in quality publications such as The Land Report, and reaching more than 60 million households within our targeted market via Pursuit Channel and the Outdoor Channel.

Mossy Oak Properties of Texas also has an extensive collection of web and advertising templates that can be easily customized for your local advertising needs. Overall, the top to bottom brand presence we have is the strongest in the industry.

For our land specialists, having a network of like minded professionals to associate with is a tremendous advantage. As the real estate market continues to become more globalized, being a part of the Mossy Oak Properties of Texas network gives you the ability to do referrals or co-brokerage with more ease than if you were an independent broker. Additionally, being able to contact other Mossy Oak Properties of Texas land specialists who are adept in certain land and real estate related topics is a valuable resource.

For a company that is just over a decade old, Mossy Oak Properties has made quite a footprint across the country. We currently have over 100 offices in 28 states, with more growth planned in Texas in the coming months. Our goal is to have “coverage” wherever rural land transactions take place. We are confident that in the right hands, utilizing our program can lead to success anywhere rural property is sold.

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